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Research And Development


Research And Development

Surgical facilities, surgeons and medical device firms all turn to Electro Range MFG Co. to quickly and affoardably acquire the Electrosurgical Instruments and Accessories they demand or in need. ERMC main clients and has been registered its products in Germany, Switzerland, Russian Federation and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and being self-manufacturer we can duplicate our client’s exclusive instrument patterns that have been discontinued. We can quickly duplicate an instrument when a sample is provided. We can modify existing instruments quickly, often within two weeks or so.

If a new Electrosurgical Instrument’s design demands development, we work closely with the client from concept through drawing, vendor selection and production experience.

Our expertise includes instruments for ophthalmology, spine surgery, laparoscopy, cosmetic surgeries covering all Electrosurgery Accessories like Bipolar Forceps, Cables for various units, Bipolar Scissors and Biclamps for improved coagulation.

Specific capabilities include microsurgical instruments sets, dental electrodes, various styles in 4mm shaft monopolar devices, retractors and wide range of single use accessories in number of colour selection.

We offer sources for titanium, stainless steel, PEEK, laser etching of instruments, insulated coatings, ebonizing, sand-blasted finishing, packing and distribution. The products below are just a few of the custom instruments we have developed 

  • Product Name: Reusable Bipolar Forceps with Cable
  • Produced by: Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Mughal (2009)
  • Origin of Client: England

➢ Product Name: Titanium Bipolar Forceps – Gold
Isolated Tips for NON Stick Properties
➢ Produced by Mr. Muhammad Fiaz (2012)
➢ Origin of Client: Turkey

✓ Product Name: Multi Usage Blue isolated ø 4 x
330mm Laparoscopic Electrode with 4mm
banana plug connector
✓ Produced by Mr. Bilal Ahmed (2014)
✓ Origin of Client: The Russian Federation

❖ Product Name: Monopolar Cable compatible with
❖ Produced by Mr. Muhammad Fiaz (2015)
❖ Origin of Client: Spain